Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Knock marriage Introduction Bureau

I was at dinner with friends on Friday night.  It was fine food, great company, and the most enjoyable conversation in a while (even though most of the subject matter was thoroughly depressing!). Strangely enough the "whole dating scene" came up for discussion. Strange as we were all totally unavailable. Someone was trying to find someone for a friend. It can be fairly impossible to meet that "someone special" in the usual social scenarios. So we concluded that, online dating and the Knock Marriage Bureau were the way to go! I have no experience of either, but Knock's figures look impressive.

Since its foundation in 1968, The Knock Marriage Bureau has been a real success story.  In all 15,750 couples have met and 870 marriages have taken place. 

At the moment there are 175 introductions in progress and 7 engagements.  Ten marriages took place in 2008.  to find out more visit their website.

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