Wednesday, November 24, 2010

St. Andrew Dung-Lac and his 116 companions, (d. 1745-1862)

Martyrs of Vietnam (+1745-1862)
- Andrea Dung-Lac, priest 
- Tommaso Thien and Emanuele Phung, lay 
- Girolamo Hermosilla, Valentino Berrio Ochoa, OP and 6 other bishops 
- Theophane Venard, Priest MEP and 105 Companions, martyrs 

These 117 saints died under persecutions of Christians that in fact lasted from 1625 to 1886 and costed about 130.000 lives. The group consists of martyrs in the three Vietnamese kingdoms of Tonkin, Annam and Cochin China. Among the 117 were 96 Vietnamese and 21 foreign missionaries. Of the Vietnamese group were 37 priests and 59 lay people, among whom were catechists and tertiaries. One of them was a woman, mother of six. Of the missionaries was 11 Spaniards; 6 bishops and 5 priests, all Dominicans, and 10 were French; 2 bishops and 8 priests from Société des Missions Etrangères in Paris. 76 were beheaded, 21 suffocated, 6 burnt alive, 5 mutilated and 9 died in prison as a result of torture.

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