Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Prayer for the journey through the current economic downturn

Photo: photographerpandora

God our Father,
Continue to make your presence felt among us at this moment in our history.
Be close to all those charged with discerning the way forward for our nation and our people.
Remind us of the many talents and opportunities that continue to be found in the citizens and resources of our country.
In your son Jesus Christ, may we be mindful of the need for solidarity with one another, most especially the vulnerable and the needy.
Steady our nerve in these days and point out to us the shortcomings of panic and fear alone.
Help us to achieve true and sustainable perspective as our future path unfolds.
May each of us realise afresh our ability to make a difference through participation in family, in parish, in the wider community and in our state.
In your Holy Spirit, guide officials and political representatives, local volunteers and community groups.
Mobilise among us a reawakened belief and patriotism as we seek to become again the people you call us to be. Lead us as committed, charitable and caring citizens, sharers of an agreed, open and workable plan that is respectful and inclusive of all.

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