Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This week our sitting room is finally getting a make over. Today I began painting the walls. I bought the paint, and brought it home, easy. I opened it. It looked fine. It looked just like the colour on the paint colour card. Then I began painting. After a few brush strokes, I think "this is darker than I thought". I continue and tell myself that it will get brighter as it dries. It didn't. It still looks dark. Is it too dark? Probably, but you can not bring an already open tin of paint back to the shop, so it's going on the walls. It will just have to do. Sure, it will be fine when it is finished. I console myself, by thinking that when the bookcases are put back, I will not see one wall, when I hang up the pictures, and put the sofa back, I will not see the other wall, the fireplace and mirror will hide most of the chimney breast, and the window takes up most of the final wall! What was the point? I should just have watched the telly!

Decorating Update

The man about the house has finished the first coat of paint, and all is well. It isn't too dark at all. :-)

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