Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lies from

From today, emergency contraception is available in Ireland without a prescription. What is emergency contraception and how does it work? I googled, and I found. Here is some info from the website. Yes, they are responsible for those horrible ads.
"Emergency Contraception: How does it work?
The tablet may stop or delay an egg being released (ovulation) or it may stop a fertilised egg settling in your womb (implantation). Emergency contraception prevents pregnancy and does not cause abortion. Abortion can only take place after a fertilised egg has implanted in the womb. People who believe that life begins when the egg is fertilised may not wish to use this method."

Spot the big fat lie in red. Why the need to tell lies? Emergency contraception can prevent pregnancy, by stopping ovulation, but it will end a pregnancy if conception has occurred. That is called abortion.

When does life begin? Life begins at conception, life begins at fertilisation. Conception and fertilisation are two words that mean the same thing. Conception/ fertilisation happen when the egg (ovum) and sperm unite. Conception/fertilisation happen before implantation in the womb. Life begins before implantation, hence the problem with frozen embryos. So emergency contraception will cause an abortion, if conception has occurred. It prevents implantation and causes an abortion. That is what it is supposed to do. The embryo can not survive if it does not implant in the mothers womb, and dies. So emergency contraception causes abortion. It makes pregnant women, not pregnant anymore. Its simple, its science. So why the need to lie about it?

at conception/

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An Irish Catholic said...

Very clear Caroline and couldn't be simpler!

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