Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pants, the Morning After Pill and Abortion?

Shocking abortion figures are usually followed by a demand for better sex education. Education is not the issue. Most 10 year olds could tell you how babies are made. There are no guaranteed ways of having sex without making babies, simple as that, nature will not be controlled.

Unfortunately, we have arrived at the point where abortion has become the new contraception in some cultures (e.g. New York, where 40% of all babies are aborted). What sort of world do we live in? This is simply crazy! The "Morning After Pill" will now be available in Boots (high street pharmacy, no doctor needed) in Ireland, from Wednesday, so how long will it be before we too are killing 40% of our unborn children? May God have mercy on us.

It is very easy to from using the contraceptive pill, to using the morning after pill. The pill can cause an abortion, by preventing implantation. If conception has occurred the morning after pill, or emergency contraception will cause an abortion. Abortion kills a baby, this is simply wrong. Killing a baby is never good, never acceptable, never. Abortion is never a solution.

The Catholic Church has always taught that abortion and contraception are wrong, mind you I haven't heard these teachings very often. Fr Vincent Twomey taught an excellent course on Marriage and Sexuality while I was in Maynooth. Just what you would expect from a Pontifical University.  But I would imagine that a significant number of Irish catholics, under a certain age, have never heard any  church teaching on marriage and sexuality. Ex Umbris Et Imaginibus did his bit while in Drogheda, and once I heard a priest in Letterkenny preach on the issue. I know that it is very hard to reach people on these issues. But we must at least try.
For Christian witness to be effective, especially in these delicate and controversial areas, it is important that special efforts be made to explain properly the reasons for the Church's position, stressing that it is not a case of imposing on non-believers a vision based on faith, but of interpreting and defending the values rooted in the very nature of the human person. NOVO MILLENNIO INEUNTE, POPE JOHN PAUL II

Below is a video that provides a simple solution. If you are married and want to learn about Natural Family Planning, (which does work) visit http://www.naomi.ie/ or http://www.naturalfamilyplanning.ie/


Brendan Allen said...

We did our pre-marriage course with Regnum Christi at the John Paul II Centre in Blackrock. Completely Catholic and unashamed of it, I am glad to say.

Not sure if they're still doing them, though.

Caroline McCamley said...

We did ours with Accord. It was an entirely secular affair. When it came to the issue of "family planning" the woman held up, what appeared to be the pill, and said "we're not allowed to tell you anything about this." There was not even a mention of natural family planning. The priest's contribution was paperwork , flowers and then he said Mass "to save us having to go the next day (Sunday!).

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