Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Visit the Pope

This is worth watching.

The CatholicTV® Network, is going inside the walls of the Vatican, into Pope Benedict XVI's private residence and capturing details of his daily life.

Join Father Robert Reed as he serves as a tour guide on the ultimate insider excursion. Stand feet away as The Holy Father vests and celebrates private morning Mass, sense the joy as he creates new bishops for the Church, sit at the table in the pope's private dining room, accompany the pope as he meets with Heads of State, be escorted by Swiss guards inside restricted areas and catch the pope's private moments right before his most public encounters.

Each year, millions of people jam St. Peter's Square for the Sunday Angelus blessing of Pope Benedict. But none of them have ever been inside the pope's private study the minutes before he steps up to his study window to address the masses.Until now.

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