Tuesday, February 15, 2011

€10 St Brendan Coin

On February 15th the Central Bank of Ireland launched a limited edition €10 coin celebrating St Brendan the Navigator. The coin is available to buy at a cost of €38.

The coin is the work of graphic artist Michael Guilfoyle and is part of the continuing “EUROPA” series. The obverse depicts St. Brendan and his group of monks sailing West in a “curragh” (a wood-framed boat covered in sewn ox-hides) across the Atlantic towards the Americas. The rolling waves of the Atlantic have been stylized to form a traditional Irish interwoven pattern reflecting St. Brendan’s Irish heritage. Other elements of the Legend of St. Brendan have been added to the design to further tell the story of his epic voyage; the whale’s tail and the volcano both allude to incidents and sights recorded in the story of the celebrated Irish Saint’s voyage to the Americas. The stars above the boat allude to early navigation methods whilst also signifying this coin’s celebration of European explorers.

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