Monday, February 14, 2011

"Christianizing" Valentine's Day

Saint Valentine receives a rosary from the Virgin,
by David Teniers III

I know that today is the feast of Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius, patrons of Europe, but for most people it is St Valentine's Day. Saint Valentine was a Roman martyr, but his martyrdom has long been forgotten, and instead he has become a modern day "cupid". In todays world both St Valentine and love have been sold short.

Some mock this day, I know that it  has been tainted by commercialism and tackiness. I have no problem with chocolates, flowers and teddybears. But I grimaced today, as I was doing my grocery shopping, at the "seedy" lingerie that greeted me as I went to my local supermarket in search of bread and milk. We should not abandon this celebration of romantic love. We need to reclaim it. This day needs christians to reclaim it. This celebration of romanitc love needs needs our witness.

Today is a day to celebrate love. The children have brought home candle holders, pictures and cards from school. Love is in the air, and we have been blowing kisses to each other all day. I will cook a nice dinner, and we will sit down as a family and give thanks. I thank God that I know He loves me. I thank God that I have found love in my life. I thank God for my husband, and my children. Today I pray for those who are seeking love, (especially those looking in all the wrong places). I pray for those who feel unloved. I pray for those who are struggling in their marriages. Lord help us to love. St Valentine, pray for us.

Happy St Valentine's Day

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