Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Catholic Schools Week

‘Catholic Schools - Rooted in Jesus Christ’

This should be a great week to be a child in a Catholic school, as it is Catholic Schools week. Here is what is happening at the schools which my children attend.

Teresa (age 3), attends preschool. On Monday, she heard the story of St Brigid. She got all annoyed when she came home as she could not remember where St Brigid was born, and I was not allowed to help in the matter at all, as she wanted to remember all by herself! On St Brigid's Day she made (with a lot of assistance from her very patient teacher) a paper St Brigid's cross. Mary (age 5) on Monday she was told a story about St Brigid. On St Brigid's day she heard another story, but she assures me  that it was indeed the same St Brigid. The older girls in her school all went to Mass. Just what I like to hear! Patrick (age 8) heard the story of St Brigid and make a paper St Brigid's cross. His class went to Mass. Michael (age 11) also went to Mass with his class on St Brigid's day. No bad at all. I'm sure the atheists are well annoyed!

Yesterday morning in the car, I announced that it is the Feast of the Presentation of the child Jesus in the Temple. I did my bit and told the story of the Presentation, and as part of our morning prayers we prayed that decade of the rosary on the way to school. But when the children returned from school that afternoon, I was informed that it was actually "Grandparents day". What? No it wasn't? According to Google "grandparents day" is in September. (By the way I do think grandparents are great!) I do some further checking and discover that this is coming from "Catholic Schools Week". If you check out the resources over at the Irish Bishops website you will find 4 pages of resources for grandparents day (p.22-26). There are no resources for the feast of the Presentation. And you can not fault a busy teacher for following the program. Why do they do things like this? Why in the middle of Catholic Schools Week do they try and turn  a beautiful Catholic feast day into something else? Why? Why? Why? It is just wrong. Excuse me while I  S-C-R-E-A-M.
Today is the feast of St Blasie, and I presume that my three older children will get their throats blessed in school.

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