Monday, February 28, 2011

The Truth About Abortion in New York

Fact: African American children are under attack in New York City. In 2009, 59.8% of black pregnancies in NYC ended in abortion. There were 40,798 induced abortions compared to 27,405 live births.

News: The billboard picture on the left was put up in New York, but it was removed after complaints. The billboard, 29 feet high and 16 feet wide, was erected on Feb. 18, and it had been scheduled to be up for at least three weeks, but was removed Feb. 25th.  Apparently staff in the restaurant below the billboard were harassed by people who objected to the message.

As Jack Nicholson said in the movie A Few Good Men, "YOU CAN'T NOT HANDLE THE TRUTH". Yes, the message is provocative, but it is based on fact.  Our world is in trouble, and we need to hear things that make us feel uncomfortable. Sin and evil are ugly, but we can not hide their reality. Hiding the truth does not make it go way.

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