Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Veils in Church?

Fr Z's latest poll has caught my eye. You do not have to be registered to take part. So go visit Fr Z. I have included a copy of the results at the time I voted. My choice is in bold. I am not a head covering sort of person. I have only been an EF Mass twice, and was not overly impressed by either celebration, (and yes I do acknowledge good liturgy is not about impressing me). I really wanted to love it but I didn't. What made the greatest impression though was the attitudes of the congregation (after mass obviously). Generally I found them intolerant, overbearing and controlling, (sounds just like me!), okay I obviously didn't speak to everybody, but those I did  speak with had no "beauty". I also do not like the overly simplistic "EF good/Novus Ordo bad" view that some traddies have. I grew up with beautiful Novus Ordo liturgy at St Eunans Cathedral in Letterkenny. A blog comes to mind - "Love the Tradition- Loathe the Traddies"

Take part in the poll at WDTPRS POLL: Should women wear head-coverings in church?

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shane said...

TLM definitely takes an acquired taste. If you went and weren't familiar with the Missal (me for the first few weeks) it can be very off-putting.

The liturgy in St. Eunan's Cathedral is not bad.


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