Monday, March 21, 2011

St Enda of Aran, pray for us

St Enda is yet another Irish saint that I know nothing about. So I "googled" and this is what I found. Saint Enda of Aran (Éanna, Éinne or Endeus, died c. 530), was a warrior, who turned to God after his financee died. He became a priest.  He built churches in Drogheda, (where I live.) He founded one of the first monasteries in Ireland, the monastery of Killeaney on Aran Mor, as well as several other across the island, and has since been known as the father of Irish monasticism. At one point there were twelve monasteries on the Arran Islands!

Here are some "Enda" pictures.

Saint Enda's Monastery, Innish Mhór, The Arran Islands

St Enda's Aran jumper

White Aran jumpers (interesting fact). Traditionally, the aran jumpers/sweaters worn by men were dyed, and usually coloured blue. White jumpers were worn by boys making their First Communion! Somehow, the white jumpers became a fashion item and led to the creation of a valuable cot­tage industry.

St Enda's Church, Killanny, Co Louth

And last, but by no means least our Taoiseach, Enda Kenny

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