Thursday, April 28, 2011

Consecration to Jesus through Mary

The Legion of Mary, St. Mary’s Parish, Drogheda, extends an invitation to you, to join them in making a Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary, as devised by St Louis-Marie de Montfort. The thirty three days of preparation begin today. I began two days ago, allowing myself two "just in case days", as life with four children, and indeed a husband can throw up the most unexpected things. So if you are full of Easter zeal, join us. If you messed up lent, join us. If you have never done this consecration before join us. If you begin today you can make your Act of Consecration on the feast day of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to St. Elizabeth, 31st May 2011. Mass will be celebrated that evening in St Mary’s Church, Drogheda. The evening will begin at 7pm with the Rosary followed by Mass at 7.30pm. The celebrant will be Fr John Hogan, yes, him of the telly! Find out more information on how to do the consecration.

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