Friday, April 1, 2011

No Sacramental Preparation in school????

Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairi Quinn
Big Brother will be Watching and Listening

According to RTE, Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn has said he would favour a new model of primary school that would not offer Catholic children preparation for the sacraments during the school day. Apparently, he thinks that it takes up too much time.

I presume he is talking about the schools that will be divested, those that will have new patrons, and not the schools that will remain Catholic. A Catholic school without sacramental preparation can not be called a Catholic school. Will we soon have the "sacramental police", complete with a freephone service, so that concerned parents can "inform" on schools who dare to mention the sacraments?

The Bishops need to make a statement very soon. Their silence is rather alarming! Please contact your bishop to safeguard the future of our Catholic schools.


Pedro said...

Sorry, have to disagree. I think it would be no bad thing if sacramental preparation were removed from the schools. Then the parishes/priests/bishops would have to do it, which would be good for them, and for the life of the Church. Anyway, you know quite well how bad the current Alive-O programme is, and how it actually damages the faith of children. If parish priests were put in charge of the education of their children, it would at least allow the better priests to teach the real faith, either themselves, or through trusted, hand-picked catechists. We're only talking about an hour a week on Sunday mornings. I am convinced that if a child gets even half an hour a week of solid catechism it will be much better than several hours a day in a faithless school classroom, learning all sorts of twaddle, and inane songs. Or am I completely wrong? Sure, a good Catholic school is great, but a bad Catholic school is dangerous. We have to get over the delusion that Ireland is still a Catholic country. Wake up and smell that there is, in fact, no Catholic coffee brewing! It's now over to good Catholic parents, and good Catholic priests. We'll be far better off once we shed the dead weight of the state-funded lapsed Catholic schools. Rant over. Sorry.

Caroline McCamley said...

If you can have good solid sacramental preparation after school, you can also have it during school. I personally would love to have an Alive-O bonfire!

The remaining schools (those not divested)can be salvaged. It will take time and effort, but it can happen.

By the way, we do not have the "solid" catechists to do this preparation after school! and our clergy are seriously stretched as it is.

I want my children in a school with a real Catholic ethos. I don't want half an hour or an hour each week. I want the faith to be an integrated part of their life.

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