Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Position Paper on Education Published

The bishops have published a position paper on education. So far the text is not online. Hopefully it will be uploaded soon.
According to RTE:

The Catholic Church has said it will hold four regional assemblies in June to analyse the results of consultation it is carrying out on the future of Catholic schools.

The Catholic Schools Partnership represents all strands of the church involved in education in Ireland.

It has published a position paper today as part of what it says is a wider process of consultation and it has invited responses.

The move comes one week after Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn called for the divesting of up to half of all Catholic Primary schools in Ireland.

The position paper runs to 6,500 words but in terms of the current debate on the divesting of Catholic schools it says very little.

It says it would be helpful if some pilot projects were undertaken.

It says where existing Catholic schools are amalgamated due to falling pupil numbers, the Catholic patron might make any buildings that are surplus to requirements available for another school.

However, it warns that in any such transfer local communities will, understandably it says, raise the issue of finance.

A national forum to examine how to divest some of the country's Catholic Primary schools is due to begin its work shortly. The issue of money and church buildings is bound to feature.

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