Monday, April 11, 2011

Youngest Birth Mothers

A post from Pat Buckley's (European Life Network) blog caught my eye today. It was a story of a twelve year old, from the Netherlands, who gave birth while on a school trip, apparently neither she nor her family knew she was pregnant. And so with the click of a mouse, off I went, with assiatance from Google, into the sad world of the "Youngest birth mothers"at Wikipedia. I may have been shocked at a 12 year old having a baby, but I do not know how to react to the fact, that the youngest birth mother ever recorded was five years old. Thirty six very young mothers are recorded on the Wikipedia entry, ranging in ages from five to eleven. Linda Medina from Peru was five years old when she gave birth in 1939. Lisa was six years old when she gave birth in the Ukraine in 1934. Shock, Horror! Life on a desert island gets more appealing by the day.

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