Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nonsense claim of €1000 cost for First Holy Communion.

Ulster Bank are claiming in their latest survey that parents are spending an average of €1000 on First Holy Communion. Now, I don't know who they were talking to but it was not me, or anyone I know.

Now before we go anywhere First Holy Communion is a religious occasion, and not a social or fashion event, but I know people like to look their best, and that does cost money. So far two of our children (boys) have made their First Holy Communion, and it did not cost cost us anywhere near €1000.
Approximate McCamley First Communion spending

First Communicant 
Marks and Spenser's suit €45,
shirt and tie €12,
shoes €12.

new dress for sisters €15 X2
new shirt for brother €8 Penny's
(no new cardigans, trousers or shoes etc as they do not need them!)

For me, dress skirt and jacket from TKmax €50
I think my husband got a suit dry cleaned €12
Grand total of €169 to dress a family of 6 for the day, and I think we looked very well.

For the people who will say, "but girls are more expensive". I say, go to Debenhams, Heatons, M&S etc. as they all do beautiful reasonably priced dresses (€60 - €100), and they also have affordable accessories. If you pay anything more, especially when you do not have the money, in my opinion you are stupid, yes stupid!

this dress €75.00 - €81.00

After Mass we went home to celebrate. We had a "bouncy castle" which cost €50. The food was bought in a supermarket and prepared by me, we did not have caterers! The children wanted "Domino's" pizza, so I obliged as it was a very special occasion, and the first communicant payed for it! I do not know how much I spent on food, but it was not very much. I also saved money by not buying large quantities of alcohol, as I believe that celebrations involving children should have a minimum of alcohol.

It is also strange that people spend all this money, and then fail to buy the child anything religious, like a missal, a prayer book, a medal, a bible etc. I know quite a few children who received no religious gifts to mark their first Holy Communion. How very sad.

The many stories in recent days in our newspapers, will be a cause of worry for parents, especially in these difficult economic times. Believe me, First Holy Communion does not have to cost €1000.  

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