Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I recently came across , a new website on which Irish women share their stories about abortion. They share the pain and trauma that abortion brought to their lives, and thankfully we also hear about their subsequent journeys towards recovery and healing, through various abortion recovery programmes. I salute these women for sharing their very personal stories, (these are stories that are generally not told, many women would be afraid to share their secret), but these brave women are providing an invaluable witness, and I am sure that their stories will help many others who are suffering. Their stories remind us that abortion is not a solution to a crisis pregnancy, it is simply another problem!

As I read through some of the stories, I was moved by the hurt, pain and the regret of these women. I was though struck by a common issue running through their stories. Around these women, at a very crucial moment in their lives, there was a definite absence of a pro-life voice. There was a lack of people who told them, “this is a baby”, “life is precious”, "you can do this", "you can be a mother". Unfortunately, the voices proclaiming "abortion is your only solution”, “it is only a bunch of cells”, seemed to be much louder. This is sad.

If we are really a people of life we must express this in our daily lives, and I am not just speaking about pro-life marches or praying outside clinics. We need to be pro-life from our core. We must be happy and cheerful parents. In Ireland at the moment we loudly offer congratulations to “planned” first and second pregnancies, but with subsequent pregnancies things can be very different. When someone announces that they are pregnant, we must be positive. You may never know how much a pregnant woman needs to hear a reassuring word, or maybe it it the woman beside her that needs the reassurance. A child that is already conceived, is a gift from God, and should be welcomed with joy, regardless. I myself have on occasion been reluctant to announce "I'm pregnant", as I did not want to hear other people’s negative reactions, and I have never had a crisis pregnancy! We need to express in our daily living that life is good, that children are blessings, and that motherhood is manageable. How are people to know, if we do not say these things out loud?

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