Sunday, July 31, 2011

John Watters on the Norris Story

Listen to John Watters on Newstalk on Sunday discussing the Norris controversy. This is the most sane debate that I have heard in regard to this story. Around 20 minutes in John give a great blast. Well done John. He was so good I even sent him an e-mail!

I tried to embedd, but it would not allow me, so here is the link.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Waters was clear and cogent in pointing out the immorality and illegality that Mr Norris endorses, as well as the determination of most of the Media to support him for President, regardless of his having proven himself unfit for the office, as he is a totem to their secularist agenda which would outlaw traditional, Judeo-Christian, natural law morality and make its adherents a people despised. As Mr Waters said, the Media has been acting as campaigner, not journalist, in this matter (and also (by treating it in diametrically opposed manner!)in the matter of the Catholic Church and the priests that committed, or were alleged to have committed, sexual abuse of minors in the past). Lynda

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