Monday, August 22, 2011

Approaching feast of St Genesius

We are fast approaching the feast of St Genesius, which is celebrated on August 25th. Fr John Hogan is doing an online novena over at Ex Umbris Et Imaginibus. If you are in the Drogheda area, join us in St Mary's Church for Mass at 7.30pm. You are all welcome.

St Genesius is the patron saint of actors and epileptics, and the Fraternity of St Genesius (of which I am a member) have been praying for the last few years, for all those people involved in cinema/ theatre/ media. I do not need to tell you that the "arts" in general are in serious need of our prayers. If you believe in the power of prayer, join us as we offer our prayers and sacrifices those involved in this work. This is something that you can do from home. To become a member all you have to do is pray! Quite simple really! To find out more visit  Here are a few lines from the Fraternity website.

"We all enjoy the work of actors, actresses, directors, scriptwriters, artists, musicians and many others, on stage, in the cinema or on television, yet do we ever think of praying for them? Theatre and, most particularly, cinema and the media are the most powerful and influential institutions in the world today and are areas in which the Gospel must also be heard and lived. The Fraternity seeks to play its part in the renewal of culture chiefly through prayer and sacrifice. We would like to welcome you to join us in our mission of prayer and support."

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