Friday, August 26, 2011

St Monica, pray for us

St Monica

Tomorrow is the feast of St Monica. A novena has been taking place over at 
St Monica is their patron. St Monica was the mother of St Augustine, and boy did he break her heart, but she never gave up on him, she knew that her prayers would eventually be answered. If only we all had her persistence and faith!

One year ago, on the feast of St Monica, a small group of women in Drogheda, began promoting the idea of doing a weekly Holy Hour for children. As a mother I have many encounters with other mothers, and we often exchange stories of our woes and trails with our children. We support each other and console each other. I know that most parents will do anything to help their children, but unfortunately in these Godless times people do not think of doing the most obvious, and important thing for their children, PRAYING! Our children need our prayers. If we do not pray for our children who will? Not many people will say No, when you ask "would you consider doing a holy hour for your children?" Most younger parents have never even thought of prayer, but when you are at the end of your tether, you will give anything a go! And once they are before the Blessed Sacrament, the Lord can begin to work!

So what have we been doing over the last year? We have been suggesting the idea of a Holy Hour to the people that we encounter in our daily lives, and that is an awful lot of people! We also have prayer cards with suggested prayers which we hand out. A few of our members have also engaged in street contact. In general we have had a great response from people. I suppose the simple ideas are always the best!

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