Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We can't handle the Truth

I know the blog has been quiet of late, but summer holidays and childminding mean little time for this sort of thing.

I am glad that Senator David Norris has bowed out of the race for the Aras, it is sad though that some of his supporters are blaming others for his fall. Senator Norris has accepted his responsibility in this sad mess. He has accepted that he has done wrong. There was no concerted campaign against him. A 22 year old blogger uncovered a story from the senators past, a story that perhaps many Irish journalists did not want to find.

The Ireland of today is busy uncovering the short comings of many in regard to child protection. There will be many more casualties along the way. Norris did what many have done, his concern was for the offender and not for the victim. The truth is that most of us do not want to hear anything bad about someone we love. We do not want to accept that someone we know, respect, or love is capable of abuse. Some people reacted by attempting to side step into the issue of "consent". A 15 year old can not consent, that's the law. Have these people not heard of grooming? If we are serious about child protection we must stop making excuses.

Norris supporters, and the general liberal mindset in this country, seem prepared to over look all failings, if they love you. I came across a vile article by Sam Smyth in the Indo today. Here is a quote "David returned in minutes -- but it was Ezra who made an entrance. He was stocky, with muscles that bulged though a sleeveless T-shirt and figure-hugging jeans tucked into knee-length leather boots." Is this journalist for real? It seems that some of our journalists do not care about child protection at all.

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