Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Association of Catholic Cowards

Last Sunday, my parish had its first Sunday encounter with the people's parts of the New English Translation of the Roman Missal. All went well. The earth didn't stop. No one collapsed of shock. No resuscitations were necessary. After this absolutely uneventful transition, I wondered "what was all the fuss about?"  Here in Ireland, the so called "Association of Catholic Priests", have been stirring up negativity towards the new translation for months. Here is a link to the many posts on the issue on their website. I now conclude that they are a bunch of cowards.

My six year old daughter did say that "reading all those new prayers was a little tiring" (she is 6!). When I asked her if the prayers were hard to say, she said "no, they were easy peasy lemon squeezy!" Maybe she could give Frs Hoban, Flannery, McDonagh and Madden a pep talk.

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