Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CARI's Annual Report. I await some moral outrage from our Media!

Here is some perspective on childhood sexual abuse situation in Ireland. CARI (Children at Risk in Ireland), launched its annual report yesterday. The report states that "Intrafamilial abuse continues to be the most prominent concern.."  Here is a link their website. Click in green "Download Annual Report" button to get the report. Below I include some excerpts from the report.

The year of the Ryan and Murphy Reports
2009 was a year that saw immense public focus on issues of child sexual abuse, albeit historical and clerical abuse. This focus has not led to any extra resources or support for CARI’s clients, as all of our clients are abused in settings other than clerical ones, usually the home or in familiar settings. The typical abuser in CARI’s experience is not a cleric, but a father, stepfather, grandfather, uncle neighbour and, increasingly and worryingly, siblings. CARI wishes to see a focus on this reality in the years ahead in tandem with the ongoing struggle of adult survivors of clerical abuse to have their needs met. It would be great, if the huge wave of concern which has focussed media, political and church attention onto this huge betrayal, could galvanise support for the children who are still today experiencing abuse on a daily basis in all settings.

New reports of CSA remain alarmingly high
IN 2008 the HSE figures in their Review of Adequacy indicated that there were over 2300 new child sexual abuse allegations in that year. It further indicates that of those, 722 cases were not even investigated. It begs questions of how the original number of complaints resulted in only a tiny number 289 (12.5%) of confirmed cases. CARI suggests that there are many concerns arising from those statistics. International studies suggest that only a tiny percentage of allegations are false, less than 2%. What is happening to those reports and what is the situation of those children?

Intrafamilial abuse continues to be the most prominent concern highlighting, once again, the huge dangers that exist for children within a familial setting. This is a point too often forgotten or unheard in today’s media.

I now await the moral outrage of our media on the failures of state and family! I'll be waiting.

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