Thursday, September 8, 2011

Proud to be Catholic, Ashamed to be Irish

I have just read the Government's response to the Vatican. I am disappointed, but it was just what I expected. We are a proud people, and I do not mean that in a good way. Today, once again, I am ashamed to be Irish.


shane said...

Why would you allow a junta of politicians (who represent no one but themselves) to have some sort of determining influence over your national identity? Anti-clericalism is fairly new in an Irish context; however it's got long traction in the Latin countries, usually taking on a much more vicious manifestation than Kenny's speech, but that fact doesn't stop French Catholics from being proud of being French, or Spanish Catholics being proud of being Spanish, etc. I think the sex scandals will look very different twenty years from now; Kenny's speech will be long forgotten (as will, presumably, Kenny himself.)

pat said...


While I welcome any statement, I sometimes think we all forget that governments change yet the Sir Humphrey’s stay in office. What do I mean, well through all the scandals if that is the correct words from Celtic tiger to bankers to church matters the civil service with its highly paid servants have stayed the same more or less. And not even one of them have stood and been counted they have remained hidden behind the offices doors. Can not one of them really tell me they did not read reports prepare reports, responses and yet failed to act. While yes, I agree government’s. Politicians have to stand up and be counted, so to does the hidden civil service must as well they are higly paid so called well educated have every resource at their disposal and can still not use their wit to stand up and be counted. If one is a believer or not it smells of the Peter in the Garden who wanted to be the leader to say “I’ll stand by you Lord” but when it came to the crunch could not do it. Similar in those who have the so call (power) yet cannot take the hard decisions

Over the last few months I have listened to certain Bishops responded at times to the various reports issued and in a more less way have directed that we had some priests who let the church down (if I have to I can find the direct quotes) but they have yet to realise as individuals they too let us all down. Yes, they are human but when the S—T hit the fan where were they to be found. Do we see any patterns?



Jackie Parkes said...

Thanks for posting this..btw love your blog..will link..

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