Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is the Irish Government Anti-Catholic?

The Irish government's decision to close the Irish Embassy to the Holy See has been greeted by many Irish Catholics with shock. Many now realise that the closure has absolutely nothing to do with money. It is simply our aggressively secular government, putting our Church, in what they think is its proper place. The antics of this current government are alienating catholics. The latest Iona Institute survey shows clearly that on the ground people are feeling the hostility. From the survey:

"One in five consider the Government to be excessively hostile towards the Catholic Church.

Almost a third of weekly Mass-goers believe the Government is excessively hostile towards the Church."
Is this acceptable? No. Our government does not have the right to harass Irish Catholics in this way. Shame on them. Below is a definition of anti-Catholicism from Wikipedia.


Lynda said...

Is the Pope Catholic?!!

shane said...

I will not consider voting Fine Gael or Labour for a long time. The shame is that many Catholics voted for those parties (especially the former) without knowing the anti-clerical madness they would get up to. I'm really looking forward to them packing their bags.

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