Thursday, November 24, 2011

Patsy McGarry and Breda O'Brien on Vincent Brown

Patsy McGarry and Breda O'Brien were on the Vinvent Brown show on Tuesday night. They were there to discuss the RTE Fr Reynolds debacle. In the middle of the discussion McGarry did some character assisination on O'Brien. I am not a fan of McGarry, and during the show his accusations against O'Brien were a disgrace. McGarry obviously needs to learn some lessons from the Fr Roynolds case.

McGarry: ”Breda comes from the provisional wing of the Catholic church, and never resists an opportunity to have a go at the media. And has been doing this for years – often to the detriment of the emergence of this tragedy. The reason this has happened…”

O’Brien: ”That’s a really serious allegation Mr McGarry.”

I found a transcript of the conversion on Broadsheet.

Link to the show on 3player.


shane said...

McGarry throws a hissy fit because someone dares to question the infallible wisdom of media organs, like his rubbish paper (whose circulation figures are deservedly plummeting). Does he think journalists and their motives should never be questioned? What a disgrace this man is. He can't even engage with someone who disagrees with him without resorting to insults. Go back to school Patsy. You need it.

Lynda said...

And what did the impartial Chair and Arbiter of the public interest do about this attack on Mrs. O'Brien's good name?

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