Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We can do better than this!


Majority backed Kenny’s Cloyne speech is a piece written in yesterdays Irish Examiner.  Here is an excerpt:

The Irish Examiner requested to view letters and emails received by the department between July 20 and August 1.
A total of 507 messages were released, with 455 (89.8%) entirely supportive of the speech; a further 23 (4.5%) conditionally supportive; and the remaining 29 (5.7%) critical.
When I read this I got annoyed, the Department of the Taoiseach only received 29 letters of complaint. Are we pathetic or what? This is simply just not good enough. I wrote, did you write? Are you sure you did? The only thing that can excuse this pathetic number of complaints is the short time frame. Catholics of Ireland, we can do better than this! and if we can't we deserve all that aggressive secularism throws at us!


Jesus, King of All Nations,
Whose Reign is without end,
May we serve You.


Anonymous said...

I am sceptical of these figures. Sadly, however, things have got so bad and the behaviour of the Govt so perverse that many do not see any point in engaging with it. They see the leadership of the Church being, for the most part, silent, and they follow suit. Almost no priest or Bishop exhorts us to do our moral duty in relation to the Govt's dishonourable actions, elections, etc. They and we appear to be paralysed by the vicious, unjust, defamatory attacks on our Church and her members. Thank you for doing your bit by your blog! Lynda

Anonymous said...

There's always the possibility that they're lying - it tends to become a habit.

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