Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Watch EWTN Live

Tomorrow February 1 will , see Fr. John Hogan, Fr. Owen Gorman,  appearing on EWTN Live with Fr Mitch Pacwa. They are currently in Alabama filming the next series of "Forgotten Heritage & Europe - The Saints". I must say it is one of EWTN's better shows, but hey, maybe I'm biased?
Fr John and Fr Owen
Fr John and Fr Owen have no problem doing television in a studio setting, but there can be no retakes on a live show, so please God, all will go well. Hopefully they will get an ample opportunity to promote The Fraternity of St Genesius.
You can watch the programme live on your computer on Wednesday at 8 PM ET (whatever time that is here?),  or watch it whenever you want on EWTN's Youtube Channel.
Fr John is keeping us all updated, over at his blog Ex Umbris Et Imaginibus.


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Lynda said...

Obviously, the first showing at 1 a.m. Irish time, will probably not suit many but I think it's repeated at 8 or 9 pm Irish time, the following evening.

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