Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy St Brigid's Day

Step 1. Find rushes
It took a while,but I eventually located some in a very muddy field!

Step 2. Chop them down, and bring them home.

Step 3. Make a St Brigid's Cross

Step 4. Place on door frame.


Lynda said...

Did you REALLY make the cross at Fig. 3 out of the rushes at Fig. 1?? Wow - that was a miraculous transformation!

Caroline McCamley said...

I did indeed Lynda. I was having doubts as I chopped them down. They were too skinny, the nice green ones were situated in huge puddles. We made 8 crosses in all, and made €4, from one delighted elderly neighbour, who was delighted to receive one.

Lynda said...

Go h-iontach!! You put me to shame!

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