Friday, February 17, 2012

The Irish Church Fights Back

The Irish media can be harsh in its dealings with most things "Catholic", and few of us would have the nerve or skill to intentionally put ourselves out there to be chewed up and spat, by the media, in the name of defending our Church. Many of us would like to do our bit, but we know that we simply do not have the skills that are needed to survive, let alone succeed, when it would come to defending the Faith that we love and cherish so much, in the face of media hostility.

Catholic Comment ( is a brand new Irish organisation, which is being set up to train people for these necessary media encounters. May the God Lord bless their efforts.

If you:
• have a sincere commitment to Catholic teaching and values
• are open to developing your media skills
• have time and energy for training events (mainly in Dublin)
• are available for speaking in the media
… please get in touch with them today

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