Thursday, April 12, 2012

The School Patronage Nightmare Unfolds

Yesterday, I thought, I better have a look at the report of The Forum on Patronage and Pluralism
in the Primary Sector. On Tuesday, I had read headlines like "Bishops welcome report" etc, I even heard Fr Michael Drumm on a radio news program "welcoming" the report. I naively thought, well it can't be too bad, (silly old me!). 

So yesterday afternoon, I began reading through the 174 page report, and I still have not recovered. This report is the most anti-catholic report that I could ever have imagined. It seems that the powers to be want to divest school (no problem there), but it seems that the Catholic schools that will be left will not even be allowed to be Catholic. I have included some paragraphs from the report below. Read and weep. It seems that we Catholics, who make up 84% of the population, will not be allowed to say Catholic prayers, have Catholic celebrations, celebrate Christmas, have a nativity play, have a carol service, celebrate Easter in our Catholic schools, etc, if there is even one non Catholic child present. This suggestion is an outrage and a disgrace. 84% of the Catholic population will have to pretend not to be Catholic while in their Catholic school! 

It seems that this entire process is driven by the needs of the minority, and while trying to cater for them, people have decided that the needs of the 84% Catholic majority do not matter. Apparently we have no rights. 

Here are three paragraphs from the report, followed by my comments in red.

 Catholic schools will not be allowed to celebrate Catholic, christian or any religious event if even one non Catholic child is present. 

 Catholic schools will not be allowed to display a crucifix, a cross or a religious statue unless we display every other religious symbol imaginable.

Prayer will not be allowed, and all Christmas carols are banned! Welcome to progressive modern Ireland.


Lynda said...

This is the militant atheist plan, a work in Labour Party and other political parties. The aim is to destroy the Catholic faith in education and all of communal life. People such the Humanists and Atheists have been contributing to this dastardly and UNCONSTITUTIONAL proposal. For this and for their other unjust and unconstitutional aims, they need (and intend to) do away with all the constitutional provisions that recognise the natural rights (and duties) of parents and children vis-a-vis education, rearing of children, etc. People need to wake up and defend their natural and constitutional rights (and the Constitution itself!). The Government wants to abrogate to itself powers and controls it can never rightly have - it is attempting a totalitarian takeover of our independent school system. We, Catholics, Protestants, Jews and people of goodwill, must resist this evil usurping of power to indoctrinate our children with their atheistic, materialist ideology, that denies objective truth and morals.

Fr Seán Coyle said...

Read John Waters' column, 'Attack on religious instruction in schools is wrong', in today's Irish Times, .

My teacher in Fourth Class in O'Connell Schools in Dublin, John Galligan, a great mentor who prepared us well, especially by example, for Confirmation, used to talk about his Jewish classmates in CBS, Limerick, who enjoyed being excused from religion class.

A slight correction: this matter concerns the Republic of Ireland only, not the whole of Ireland. The figures quoted are for the Republic only. The percentage of Catholics in Ireland as a whole is around 75%.

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