Saturday, June 9, 2012

Don't just "be" pro-life, "do" pro-life

Get involved in the Pro-life Campaign's latest postcard endeavour. Before the General Election, Fine Gael gave a written commitment to the Pro Life Campaign stating it is “opposed to the legalisation of abortion”. But our Minister for Health is suggesting otherwise. We need to mobilize the pro-life troops, and remind our elected representatives, that they can not simply do as they please. Order your post cards today. Mine arrived in the post yesterday.

Front of postcard
Back of postcard

More info from PLC (Pro-life Campaign

PLC: "URGENT: Fine Gael needs to hear from a lot more pro-life people
The Postcard to Politicians campaign is going well but it’s clear that Fine Gael needs to hear from a lot more pro-life people so that enough pressure is brought to bear on the leadership within Fine Gael. The situation is very serious at present and there is a real danger that abortion legislation could become a reality if those who oppose it do not speak up.
During the recent Dáil debate on abortion the Minister for Health, Dr James Reilly strongly implied that the Government is committed to introducing some form of abortion legislation in the very near future. To read more details about the Minister's speech and the current situation, you can view our new briefing document here
Before the last General Election, Fine Gael gave a strong pro-life commitment. We must now hold them to that. Please order postcards free of charge to send to your local Fine Gael Oireachtas members. It is vital that politicians hear from constituents at this time.
You can view a sample of the Postcards here:

Please take one minute to order postcards here:

If you are a member of a prayer group, we will be happy to send you a prepared letter designed to read out to prayer groups which clearly explains the current threat. 
This is a crucial time. Please order cards now and share this message with as many pro-life people as possible. Thank you for your continued support."

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Lynda said...

We need to the same regarding the Euthanasia Bill of FG Senator Liam Twomey. The Media have reported that the Government supports it in principle. The Bill is on Oireachtas website - it's makes for spine-chilling reading. Don 't believe the spin of it's promoters which the Media is regurgitating verbatim.

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