Monday, November 26, 2012

The Mission has Begun

The first Parish Mission since 1984 has begun in St Mary's Church, in Drogheda. One hundred and fifty brave and determined people turned out for the 7am session this morning, including four Mc Camleys. I had my doubts when the alarm went off, but they managed to drag themselves from their beds on this cold and dark November morning, and get ready with no fuss. I stayed behind and had a big pot of  porridge ready for their return. The early 7am Mass only lasts 30 minutes, so it is ideal for some commuters and school goers. 

After I dropped the kids to school, I attended the more leisurely 9.30am Mass. If you missed those you can still get to the Mission at 7.30pm this evening. Well done to all. Hopefully, we can keep it up for the week. Details of all events are on the website. 

We've been to the Mission, and we have our books to prove it!

A Mission Stall at St Mary's 

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Lynda said...

... and Ireland is a missionary country.

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