Monday, February 20, 2012

Take the Pioneer pledge this Lent!


The Heroic Offering
“For thy greater Glory and consolation, O most Sacred Heart of Jesus, for Thy sake, to give good example, to practice self-denial, to make reparation to Thee for the sins of intemperance and for the conversion of excessive drinkers, I will abstain for life from all intoxicating drinks, Amen”.

Prayer for Drug Users
“We commend to you, O Sacred Heart of Jesus, all whose lives have been broken through the misuse of drugs. We ask you, Lord, to protect them from harm and restore them to health, so that they can live out the years you have given them in serenity and joy. Praise to the Heart of Jesus, our King and our God!”.

Juvenile Pioneer Offering
“O Sacred Heart of Jesus, through the most pure Heart of Mary, I offer you my prayers, works and sufferings in union with your own for the grace to keep my pledge faithfully. Sweet Heart of Jesus, be  my love always! Sweet Heart of Mary, be my salvation!”

Young Pioneer Prayer
“Lord, for your sake, for the recovery of problem drinkers and victim of substance abuse, to make amends to your Sacred Heart for the intemperance in all our lives, I promise not to take alcoholic drink until I am at least 18, and to keep off drugs for life”.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Irish Church Fights Back

The Irish media can be harsh in its dealings with most things "Catholic", and few of us would have the nerve or skill to intentionally put ourselves out there to be chewed up and spat, by the media, in the name of defending our Church. Many of us would like to do our bit, but we know that we simply do not have the skills that are needed to survive, let alone succeed, when it would come to defending the Faith that we love and cherish so much, in the face of media hostility.

Catholic Comment ( is a brand new Irish organisation, which is being set up to train people for these necessary media encounters. May the God Lord bless their efforts.

If you:
• have a sincere commitment to Catholic teaching and values
• are open to developing your media skills
• have time and energy for training events (mainly in Dublin)
• are available for speaking in the media
… please get in touch with them today

Friday, February 3, 2012

Dr Phil Boyle and NaPro on Late Late Show Tonight

I found this prayer request on Facebook.

 Dear Friends,
Please pray for Dr Boyle today/tonight.

He is on the Late Late Show tonight presenting NaPro. An IVF doctor
... will be presenting too.

Pray the all goes well and that the message that life respecting
ethically sound fertility treatment is effective and available.

The Late Late show tonight Friday 3rd
Feb about NaPro together with an IVF expert who advocates
"Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis" (PGD) to assist couples trying to
have children. The show starts at 9.30pm Irish time and he is due to
come on at 10.45pm for part 3.

His brief is to argue against PGD and represent the view in favour of
the embryo. The goal of the show is to avoid a debate about IVF versus
NaPro - but rather consider some of these underlying ethical issues.

3 couples will give their personal stories of fertility treatment. One
had success with NaPro after 9 years of infertility and 2 failed IVF.
After that the 2 doctors, Dr. Simon Fishell (the IVF fellow) and I
cover some of the scientific issues. They expect to have a legal
expert and other IVF doctors in the audience.

So this could be challenging.

Could I ask for your prayers and support that God will work through
all of this and that it goes well and he represent the truth.

Dr. Phil Boyle,
Suite 11, The Galway Clinic,
Co. Galway,
NaPro is a morally acceptable alternative to IVF. If you have not heard of NaPro here is a little information. Due to time constraints I have simply copied and pasted. For more information , follow the links.

Infertility is a symptom of underlying disease. The diseases that cause infertility have a “two-pronged” effect. They not only hinder the functioning of fertility, but they also cause both short and long-term health problems. The persistent unwillingness to address infertility problems from this point of view or perspective is one of the major flaws in the current approach to the treatment of infertility.

A NaProTECHNOLOGY approach to the infertile couple has the following goals:

It works towards assessing the underlying causes of the reproductive abnormality.
  1. It allows for the treatment of these underlying causes.
  2. It assists the couple in achieving pregnancy while maintaining the natural acts of procreation.
  3. If the treatment program is unsuccessful, research into the unknown causes is undertaken.
  4. If medically unsuccessful, the program will assist with successful family building by being supportive of adoption.
(Dr Boyle's Clinic in Galway and Dublin)

Find a NaPro teacher or doctor

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy St Brigid's Day

Step 1. Find rushes
It took a while,but I eventually located some in a very muddy field!

Step 2. Chop them down, and bring them home.

Step 3. Make a St Brigid's Cross

Step 4. Place on door frame.

"Catholics" need not apply.

"All senior officials in state bodies which are likely to have to deal with the Catholic Church should be screened to ensure that they will not show inappropriate deference to the Catholic Church. Those who feel they are 'Catholic first and Irish second' should seek promotion in other organs of the State." Irish Independent

The Labour party in Ireland are starting to really alarm me. Some of its members want to discrimate against Catholics. Can you believe it? Yes, I can. But they are actually saying it out loud!

It is unsettling to live in a country when you sense this tide of secular aggression breathing down your neck. It is worrying when people start to think that Catholics are bad and need to be watched. It is alarming when our public representatives start expressing these discriminatory, hate filled sentiments out loud, and it begins to get a little bit frightening when "good" people support them.

So if you are a real Catholic working for the Irish State it is time to watch your back.
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