Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Plea for our Unborn

This is a plea to all you good people out there, all you who are against abortion, but who, for whatever reason, have no inclination to attend the Pro Life event at Merrion Square on Saturday 19th of January. 

I ask you, I beg you,  to please reconsider. 

I know rallies and demonstrations may not be your thing. But the future unborn children of Ireland need each and every one of  YOU to come out on Saturday and stand up for life. 

If you are housebound, stay at home and pray, but otherwise please join the rest of us at Merrion Square at 4.30pm. This is probably the LAST real opportunity to prevent abortion in our country. So don't leave it up to everyone else. Please!


For evil to triumph, 

all that is needed is for 

good men and women to do nothing.

1 comment:

Lynda said...

What did you think of rally? Did your family enjoy it? It was great to hear the obstetrician to exhort the Government not to attack the right to life of their baby patient.

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