Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our own Fr Denis Nulty, Bishop-elect

This morning we gathered as a parish community in St Mary's Church in Drogheda. The word had circulated since yesterday that Fr Denis Nulty our parish priest, wanted us to gather for an announcement.

Our course, rumours, and speculation went into overdrive, and we soon realised that our beloved Fr D must surely be getting a "pointy hat". Why else would their be a meeting at 10.15am ?? 

So this morning we came to the Church. Fr Denis' absence confirmed our suspicions. Fr Robert was there with his video camera. Something was indeed in the offing. At 10.15am our poor shell shocked curate Fr Joe read our a prepared statement from Fr Denis. 

Fr Denis will become Bishop of Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin, and he was at Carlow Cathedral getting ready the announcement. 

We applauded his appointment, but we were also in shock, and there were tears by the buck load, even from those who knew that this was coming. We all knew that Fr Denis was bishop material, we presumed that he would be Bishop of Meath in the next few years, we hoped that we would have him with us for a few more years. We had not factored in another diocese "pinching" him.

As a faith community we than prayed for Fr Denis. We then dispersed to the parish centre to recover with the help of tea and a biscuits.

Our loss is indeed Kildare and Leighlin's gain.

Fr Denis has been a wonderful priest to his flock in Drogheda. I hope the people of Kildare and Leighlin deserve him!

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